Bahauddin Zakariya University - Multan - بہاؤ الدین زکریا یونیورسٹی ملتان

Department of Mass Communication

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Department of Mass Communication came into being with the bifurcation of the Department of Political Science and Mass Communication on 15.12.1996. Previously in its old shape the Department was pursuing an evening program of diploma course in Mass Communication since 1987, which was upgraded to Master’s level in 1991, fulfilling the desire and demand of the people of the region. At present, the regular teaching staff for Mass Communication consists of one Professor, one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor and eight lecturers holding Master’s degree in the subject of Mass Communication and also research scholars of Ph.D.

BS or BSc Level Programs

BS (4-Year)

Eligibility : F.A./F.Sc. or Equivalent.
30% weightage to marks obtained in the Customized National Appitude Test (NAT-I) conducted by NTS and 70% weghtage to marks obtained in the intermediate or equivalent examinations including 20 marks for Hifz-e-Quran. Required Test

Master Level Programs


B.A / B.Sc or Equivalent : 30% weightage to marks obtained in the National Aptitude Test (NAT-II A) Conducted by NTS and 70% weightage to marks obtained in the B.A/B.Sc/ B.Com or Equivalent examination, 10 marks for the subject of Journalism, including 20 marks for Hifz- e-Quran. Required Test

M.Phil. or MS Level Programs


Eligibility : M.A. Mass Communication.
Marks in MA mass communication and GAT score Required Test

Ph.D. Level Programs


Eligibility : M.Phil Mass Communication.
Grades in M.Phil and the score in GAT subject/GRE Subject. Required Test

Other Programs

No program available in this category